ICIP 2007 – Early Termination Algorithms for Correlation Coefficient Based Block Matching

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Arif Mahmood, Sohaib Khan
14th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP 2007


Block based motion compensation techniques make frequent use of Early Termination Algorithms (ETA) to reduce the com- putational cost of block matching process. ETAs have been well studied in the context of Sum of Absolute Differences (SAD) match measure and are effective in eliminating a large percentage of computations. As compared to SAD, the correlation coefficient (ρ) is a more robust measure but has high computational cost because no ETAs for ρ have been reported in literature.

In this paper, we propose two types of ETAs for correlation coefficient: growth based and the bound based. In growth based ETA, ρ is computed as a monotonically decreas- ing measure. At a specific search location, when the partial value of ρ falls below the yet known maxima, remaining cal- culations are discarded. In bound based ETA, a new upper- bound on ρ is derived which is tighter than the currently used Cauchy-Schwartz inequality. The search locations where the proposed bound falls shorter than the yet known maxima are eliminated from the search space. Both types of algorithms are implemented in a cascade and tested on a commercial video dataset. In our experiments, up to 88% computations are found to be eliminated. In terms of execution time, our algorithm is up to 13.7 times faster than the FFTW based im- plementation and up to 4.6 times faster than the current best known spatial domain technique.


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Text Reference:

Arif Mahmood, Sohaib Khan,
"Early Termination Algorithms for Correlation Coefficient Based Block Matching", 
in Proceedings of 14th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing,
ICIP 2007, San Antonio, Texas, pp II-469 - II-472, September 16-19, 2007

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