Shape from Angle Regularity

Urban architecture is characterized by a profusion of straight lines that meet orthogonally. This simple observation leads to a flexible definition of the man-made world and the distortion in these regular angles serves as a new shape-from-X cue. This project formulates the idea and explores its applications in various scenarios in detail.


Some initial results are described in our ECCV 2012 paper: Zaheer, Rashid and Khan “Shape from Angle Regularity”. Specifically, we take a single image as input and show:

  • how to formulate the known angle constraint on line-pairs
  • use this constraint and the angle regularity to automatically rectify an image of a plane
  • automatic segmentation of a multi-planar structure into its constituent planes
  • multi-planar reconstruction of the scene
  • results on a collection of images which will be challenging for earlier SVR algorithms to reconstruct due to their restricted world models

Our Single View Reconstruction algorithm is the first to deal with arbitrary plane and camera orientations, arbitrary polygonal plane boundaries, both indoor and outdoor scenarios, and works well despite presence of clutter, natural objects and non-building regions like sky.

Resources: Paper pre-print, publisherPosterCode and Data will be published soon!


Sohaib Khan, Adviser

Aamer Zaheer, PhD Candidate
Thesis titled “Shape from Geometric Regularities”  explores the formulation and applications of geometric regularities for challenging vision problems including Single View Reconstruction, Non-rigid Structure from Motion, Motion Capture etc.

Maheen Rashid, Abdullah Khalid, Muhammad Ahmed Riaz; Research Assistants
Single View Reconstruction using Angle Regularity and its applications.

Faiz-ul-Wahab, Senior Project 2011-12
Exploring the interplay of shape and shading in the context of SfAR.

Maheen Rashid and Mariyam Khalid, Senior Project 2010-11
The senior project explored refinement and stitching of slightly overlaping structure obtained using SfAR algorithm.

Amna Nusrat Butt, Wajiha Saqib, Shayan Khatri, Senior Project 2010-11
A natural sketch based UI which allows for change in point-of-view using SfAR.
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