Ijaz Akhter

| August 6, 2012

Ijaz Akhter is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science, Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Research Interests

My research interests span the broad areas of Computer Vision and Graphics. More specifically I am interested in exploring the geometric properties of nonrigid object. The geometric relations between a camera and rigid world are well-known in Multiview Geometry, whereas a little is understood about nonrigid objects. Nonrigid geometric concepts can have a huge impact in computer vision, in terms of video understanding and in computer graphics in terms of dynamics objects rendering. My PhD thesis is titled “On Representation and Estimation of Nonrigid Structure”. In my PhD I have worked on Nonrigid Structure from Motion and Bilinear Spatiotemporal Basis for Nonrigid Structures. Currently I am working on simultaneous tracking and 3D reconstruction from a monocular sequence.


Personal Webpage

Publications: NIPS 2008 (Oral), CVPR 2009 (Oral), TPAMI 2011, ICCV 2011ToG 2012 (also presented at SIGGRAPH 2012)

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