Summer Internships 2018

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The Computer Vision Lab hosted a rigorous summer internship program for undergraduate students. Sophomore, Junior and Senior interns worked for 2 months in the lab, under the supervision of faculty and PhD students. The students worked both individually and in groups, on a range of ideas, from making a campus 3D model to automatic generation of Mughal art motifs.


Day 1: Exploratory Data Analysis and Feature Engineering by Usman Nazir

Library: Pandas

Case Study: Churn Prediction

Download: Day 1

Day 2: Chapter 2: Linear Algebra & Chapter 4: Numerical Computation  of Deep Learning Book by Usman Nazir and Faisal Yaseen

Lecture Slides Links: Chapter 2 & Chapter 4

Day 3: Hands-on training session on Optimization & Chapter 3: Probability and Information Theory of Deep Learning Book by Usman Nazir

Lecture Slide Link: Chapter 3

Download: gradient_descent-master

Day 4: Deep learning implementation for image recognition, object detection, and image segmentation by Numan Khurshid

Links: MNIST Visualization


Day 5: Autoencoders and Adversarial Autoencoders by Numan Khurshid

Reading Links: Adversarial Autoencoders, A wizard’s guide to Autoencoder

Video Links: Deep Learning Simplified, Adversarial Examples

Download: 5. GANs and Autoencoders



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